Yorgos Bakelas

Yorgos Bakelas was born in Athens (in Agios Dimitrios) in December 1958 from parents from Andros where his mother studied FASHION and his father ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN.

Very early, at the age of 15, she was in America (Boston, Massachusetts) where, in addition to her university studies at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, she attended modeling classes at the Barbizon School of Modeling.
At the age of 20, Yorgos Bakelas is in Hollywood, where he meets the well-known American painter Michael Gagner, they become friends and roommates for 15 years and painting becomes his great passion.
This is his first solo exhibition at “Pictures this” in Los Angeles with great success. He sells almost all of his works. This is followed by various solo and group exhibitions at various galleries in Los Angeles and is represented by The Fidelity Collection and Weston Graphics.

In 1989 Yorgos Bakelas became the owner of Yorgos Salon – Gallery, in Rawland Hts, California. Inspired by elements of the line and technology of some expressionists such as Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Henry Matisse and George Surat and creates his own style. Also inspiring from Andy Warhol, Jason Pollock and most recently Wassily Kontinsky and Gustavo Klimt.
Yorgos Bakelas returned to Greece in October 1992. The nostalgia for his homeland and his family, who had left 15 years ago, brought him to Athens. The first hair salon – gallery has been operating in Agios Dimitrios for 8 years. A little later, the hair salon-gallery was created in Kolonaki, behind the American Embassy. The third, and the most favorite hairdresser – gallery of George Bakellas in Alimos, is waiting for you to visit it and you will leave with the best of impressions. Works in the Museum of Modern Art in W. Hollywood and his goal is to continue working with lots of love and passion for art until the end …

Bakelas Art Gallery

The artist Bakelas Yorgos takes us to the bright world of the seventh art, with works that not only marked all these decades, from 1940 until today but also that ideologically changed our socio-political habits and our aesthetics. This visual unit moves in two parallel worlds: reality and myth. Two meanings compatible, the myth is the center of inspiration of every artistic creation from the golden age of Pericles and the Hellenistic period of Alexander the Great. Past – future in parallel. The work of art with its theme and technique confirms this to us. Such a peculiar technique that immediately betrays its origins, which belong to the Greek origin of the visual arts. Hollywood has adopted materialism, where through internal contradictions the middle currents were born, there we also meet the works of Bakelas Yorgos. The link that unites the old with the modern is the style of the artist, the “mosaic”. The “mosaic” in its current form not only unifies all the artist’s artwork but also unites two great eras, the era of the Parthenon and Olympia with the era of Hollywood and digital technology. These visual arabesques are created from successive layers. Precious stones, sand and paint are applied to the mortar. Through color determines the design. This is very important because it means that the background and the main theme, on the one hand, go hand in hand and on the other hand, work in the digital way and with the new imaginary cinematic technology.
Who wants to live in a fictional reality? No one if we are given the choice to admire the imaginary reality through the works of Bakelas Yorgos and to create our own trial.