Yorgos Bakelas

Yorgos Bakelas, a well-known artist, with many exhibitions in his CV in Greece and abroad, “opposes” reality and welcomes us to his own world, full of color and valuable materials.

A life dream comes true and comes to fill our daily lives with the light of art.

Works in expressionist style, modern paintings with crystals, mosaics and Swarovski stones, sculptures, statues… A new world full of modern art and imagination.

In this precious vision, George Bakelas could not help but have next to him his sister – and his longtime collaborator – Kelly, who will guide you to the BAKELAS ART SHOP and will help you see beyond the themes of each project.

So if you are a fan of art and the different, all you have to do is visit the website BAKELAS ART SHOP!

Bakelas Art Gallery
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